Heat pistols are a fantastic tool to possess for crafters. One can choose from useful for a number of jobs, from melting adhesive to shaping plastic-type. In this post, we are going to go over the several types of heat firearms offered in addition to their uses of projects.

You will find a few main kinds of heating gun : the regular heat gun, the hot air gun, and the industrial heat gun. The regular heat gun is regarded as the popular kind. It offers two configurations, high and low, and is useful for general functions. The hot air gun is used for preciseness work, such as drying small items of document or textile. It has a thin nozzle that directs a concentrated stream of hot air. The business heat gun is utilized for large-responsibility jobs, such as stripping paint or welding aluminum. It is much more highly effective in comparison to the normal heat gun and may get to temperatures as much as 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since we’ve taken care of the different types of heat guns, let’s go over some of their applications for crafts. Heat weapons could be used to remove decals and decals from areas, soften sticky so it can be removed quicker, and produce designs in polymer clay. They can also be used to burn plastic and form it into new varieties. As an example, use a heat gun to create ruffles on plastic material place or perhaps to make melted beads out from plastic containers.

A heat gun can also be used to burn glue. When you find yourself melting stick by using a heat gun, you would like to be careful not to have the gun way too near to the venture or it could possibly harm the top. You also want to be careful not to retain the gun in a single location for days on end or perhaps the glue could begin to bubble.


Heat firearms are versatile equipment that can be used for various jobs in products. They are especially useful for eliminating stickers and adhesives, melting plastic-type, and creating designs in polymer clay.