When it comes to cottages and Canadians, it will be like a culture shock to you when you
canada immigration from dubai. You will learn that almost every Canadian adult who is middle class either owns a cottage or has a friend who owns one in up north.

When talking about up north, it doesn’t mean the Nunavut, but the Muskoka, at the Shawinigan Lake, or in the Laurentians. Between June and August, most of the patriotic Canadians will all pile up in their cars, longing instinctively to have a feel of the lake water, where it will dangle on their toes. That is one of the things that Canadians do.
Not being invited to the cabin or the cottage can be equated to the society of not having a date, and it involves adults only. You will see your Canadian friends posting photos on their social media about their cottage life where they went out fishing, barbecuing, hiking, and other outdoor stuff.
The newspaper over the weekend tends to supplement the same with sections that are dedicated to the time at the cottage with people preferring to have highway cottage country traffic. The good thing about it all is that you will be invited to the cottage if you don’t have one.
But on the negative, the cottage usage is seasonal, with most of them costing a lot of money in maintenance. But in case you are not invited, or you don’t invite, there is nobody who cares. It is a culture that is expensive to maintain. With time, you might want to have it to fit in, but check out if it is worth all the spending.