What is the right time to start mobile development for an app? It can be done when the frontend app is being developed. But it will be best if you begin the backend earlier too. With that, some features of the backend can be readily available before the frontend app requires their use. It does not block the frontend app developers in any way.

About the team working on mobile apps company , they work as per the task. An individual task can be anything that requires to be accomplished to ensure that your backend can work. It might just be a piece of your app’s functionality.
If your app is to be used in an online shop, an individual task could be payment process implementation. The task could include acceptance and requirements criteria. When the task is ready for kick-off, the mobile app developer embraces it and embark on its work. Depending on an individual task, the work might look different but what the developer requires to do is:
• Come up with automated tests
• Ensure the server infrastructure is modified
• Add a code that realizes the feature
When the app developer decides that a task is done, they push the code to the repository. The repository it the place where the entire app code gets stored. In the process of the code review, the code is checked by other mobile app developers. Because of the process of developers checking on each other, you are assured that the code will have good quality.
If the code is approved, it is then merged into the major codebase, and then the app’s new version is deployed onto the server. The tester can then test it. If it works well, the task is then closed, and the frontend app starts to use the new functionality that the task has added.